When Dad's Not Involved

As a psychologist, Dr. Flanery has seen the painful ravages of what can happen when Dad is absent from his children's lives.

"There are some horrifying statistics about what happens to children whose fathers are absent from their lives.

"It's heart-rending," he says. "For boys, the chances of delinquency, alcohol abuse and not graduating from high school increase dramatically. Girls are more likely to be abused sexually and have children out of wedlock. Men need to be involved in the lives of their children."

Have Faith that They'll Survive

And while Dr. Flanery stays connected with his children, he cherishes the few minutes he'll have to himself to browse a bookstore alone as a Father's Day treat. Life with 10 children is a hand-full. Two hands full.

"You've got to have faith in yourself and your wife that the children will turn out fine. The definition of faith is belief in things not seen, and you've got to have faith that it's all worthwhile because many times it doesn't look like it."